Mário Rui Silva | A View to a Kill - Title Sequence
A View to a Kill - Title Sequence. Song performed by Duran Duran.
A View to a Kill, Roger Moore, James Bond, 007, James Bond 007, Duran Duran, Mário Rui Silva
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A View to a Kill – Title Sequence

A View to a Kill – Title Sequence

The whole film is a guilty pleasure. For many it’s considered one of the worst 007 films, and although disagree, I have to accept that it is far from being one of the best… but it provides the best fun and entertainment of the series. It’s one of my favorites.

One enduring element that makes every movie unmistakably a James Bond movie are those spectacular and unashamedly overblown openers. Each one is different, but all share the ability to place an audience immediately on Planet Bond, instantly readying our minds for a couple of hours of action and glamour. A View to a Kill have a title sequence with beautiful girls, lasers, neon lights and a soundtrack by Duran Duran (one of the best Bond themes ever). This title sequence is one of my guilty pleasures.

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