Mário Rui Silva | 9/11/01 - Spider-Man and the WTC trailer
9/11/01 - Spider-Man and the WTC trailer
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9/11/01 – Spider-Man and the WTC trailer

9/11/01 – Spider-Man and the WTC trailer

It was on May 5, 2002, that the first Spider-Man movie premiered. In other words, today marks 20 years since the cinematic debut of this Marvel character. This foray into cinemas was a great success, which has already led to several sequels and two reboots of the series. I’m going to tell you a particularity related to the first spider movie.

In the summer of 2001, Sony released a teaser trailer for 2002’s SPIDER-MAN. The trailer featured the World Trade Center, and it would be recalled after 9/11. In September of 2001, I went to the theater that existed in my town to see a movie (I think it was the first X-MEN). Before the movie, i saw an amazing trailer of what seemed to be a great action movie, and when I expected to see a character like John Mcclane save the day… then comes a spider web.

It was the first images of SPIDER-MAN, a very expensive trailer, intended to begin a strong marketing campaign for the film. This trailer ended with Spider-Man foiling a bank robbery by webbing the getaway helicopter between the Twin Towers. After the terrible events of 9/11, it became obvious that no one wanted to see the towers on the big screen. This led to the studios taking down the trailer and all advertising material where the towers appeared.

The passage of time and the internet allowed the posters and trailer to reappear to the public.

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