Mário Rui Silva | The Recreated ZX Spectrum
The Recreated ZX Spectrum is a replica of the original Spectrum and a essential product for retro gamers.
ZX Spectrum, The Recreated ZX Spectrum, Mário Rui Silva
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The Recreated ZX Spectrum

The Recreated ZX Spectrum

It’s Christmas and it’s time to remember one of the gifts that have become classics over the past few years: retro game consoles.As you may have guessed, I am passionate about retro stuff. Despite all this my admiration for the objects of the past, this doesn’t mean that I am not a man of my time. I am also a big fan of technological evolution. I love VHS tapes, audio tapes, vinyl records, old radios and old computers.  I can’t hide my admiration for ZX Spectrum, the first computer I saw. A divide that inspired my love of technology. In fact it was not a ZX Spectrum, but a Timex Computer 2048, a computer that was manufactured in my country (Portugal) and was very compatible with Sinclair’s computer. I will write an article about Timex Computer 2048 at another time.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum, for those who don’t know, was one of the first affordable, multi-purpose home computers put on sale. Built by Elite Systems, The Recreated ZX Spectrum is a replica of the original Spectrum, but while the the outside is almost identical to the original, inside it’s a very different device. At its most basic, it’s a bluetooth keyboard that works with Android and iOS devices, PCs and Macs and smart television sets. If a device has bluetooth, and can be used with a keyboard, it’ll most likely work. The keyboard combine it with Elite’s Spectrum game catalog and it becomes a retro games controller, perfectly replicating the experience of the original. It also comes with the 48k and 128k BASIC programming languages installed. ZX Spectrum fans and beginner coders (of any age) can build their own games. The keyboard was only slated to work with mobile devices, but by using Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast, Spectrum games can be played on the big screen while you relax on the couch with the wireless keyboard.

The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum looks the same, feels the same, and even has the same rubber keypad as the original, so the games play exactly how the developers intended all those years ago. From a nostalgic, aesthetic point of view, it’s a work of retro art. This device has the familiar colorful stripe, along with the busy text laying out the alternate key functions. There’s a comforting resistance underneath when the buttons are pressed. The attention to detail is impressive – the screw holes and venting is in the same position as the original. Even the packaging is faithful to the original, with only a few alterations, mainly because it doesn’t need a cassette player to load software, or a massive power block anymore. 

The Recreated ZX Spectrum is a essential product for retro gamers. But note everything is perfect. There is a huge problem with these devices today. Elite Games are having some corporate difficulties because they have taken down the ios, android and web apps that were used to play all the games. This means you can’t play them anymore. So it’s fair to say that The Recreated ZX Spectrum is a very expensive bluetooth keyboard.

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