Mário Rui Silva | Rewind Portuguese TV until 1988
In the 1980s, TV ended its daily broadcast at night.
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Rewind Portuguese TV until 1988

Rewind Portuguese TV until 1988

Today I bring you a typical scene of Portuguese TV from the late 80s.

In 1988, the broadcast closed like this (there were only two tv channels and they didn’t work 24 hours a day). Portuguese Television was completely different from today, and we can see that in the way the host (Valentina Torres) addresses the public, her posture and the non-use of the Chroma Key.
And to end of the daily TV broadcast, the national anthem was played, followed by the technical pattern until the beginning of the morning, which was close to 9am.

It’s hard not to look at these images with a certain feeling of nostalgia (for those who lived at that time…)

The coolest thing about this video is that night, my father recorded on VHS, the movie “Superman II: The adventure continues”. I saw this movie many times in my childhood ? Now I know what day it was (24/02/1988).

P.S: I didn’t remember that they showed a block of cartoons before the movies (road runner, bugs bunny and other Looney Tunes)

P.S.2: Notice the time for the technical pattern: 12h32am and the whole country wents to bed ?

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